Are disinfectants still effective against Covid-19 mutations?

Mar 28, 2022

Are disinfectants still effective against Covid-19 mutations?

As new strains of the Covid-19 virus emerge, many in the airline industry are asking: will current aircraft disinfectants continue to protect staff and customers?

Callington Group, the major specialty chemical manufacturer for the aviation industry, can confirm our disinfectant product range continues to be an effective line of defence against all identified Covid-19 strains, including the recently identified Omicron variant.

The latest “Variant of Concern”: Omicron

Early in the pandemic, Callington confirmed our disinfectants were effective against the original strain of Covid-19, which was later designated as the “Alpha” variant. As other dominant strains, or Variants of Concern (VOC), have emerged, each has been reviewed to ensure that existing chemical treatments are still effective.

Omicron, the most recent mutation, has been designated as a VOC due to its higher transmissibility than earlier strains. This designation has prompted some countries to re-introduce travel restrictions or border closures, and placed a renewed emphasis on the importance of airline disinfection procedures.

How Callington disinfectants work

Since the beginning of the pandemic, airlines have played a significant role in helping prevent the spread of the virus by deploying a range of disinfectant products from Callington throughout aircraft and travel facilities.

These disinfectants are highly effective at reducing the transmission of the virus because of their ability to destroy the virus structure. Coronaviruses are an “enveloped virus”, which comprises an organism surrounded by a lipid envelope. The lipid envelope is easily attacked by disinfectant, regardless of the structure of the proteins on the surface of the virus. Once attacked, the virus is destroyed and stops being able to attach to host cells.

While the Covid-19 virus continues to mutate, to date there has been no change to the underlying structure or chemistry of the variants, allowing the disinfectants to continue to work by breaking down the lipid envelope. Callington’s well-known airline industry products Netbiokem DSAM, Ki-Ose and Ki-San have all proven effective against all emerging Covid-19 virus strains including Omicron.

Covid-19 Outbreak Solutions for airlines

Good hygiene practices within the aircraft environment are vital to help prevent the spread of the virus worldwide. Callington’s Outbreak Solutions provide a comprehensive package of products which help to eliminate a wide range of micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Products include:

  • Broad spectrum disinfectants for aircraft cabin surfaces
  • Liquid disinfectant cleaners
  • Hand and surface disinfectant wipes
  • Gel based hand sanitisers
  • Travel safe kits for passengers
  • Personal protective equipment for staff

Manufactured in ten locations worldwide, Callington’s products comply with each unique local regulatory requirement and all relevant standards, providing an exceptional level of confidence, compliance and protection.

We’ve got you covered

Through providing effective disinfectants and personal protective equipment, Callington continues to be at the forefront of providing airlines with the products they need to ensure staff and passengers can travel in a safe environment.

Read more about our Outbreak Solutions on our website or contact us for further information.