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Aviation Products // Disinfection, Cabin Cleaning & Pest Control

Non-flammable Insecticide for Crawling Insects
  • Specially designed to effectively destroy crawling insects
  • Non-flammable formulation
  • Slow release of active ingredients for a residual effect
  • Is applied "upside down" to target the areas to be treated
  • One-shot diffuser for easy application use


Kilblat™ is a non-flammable aircraft approved insecticide used during line maintenance to eliminate a broad spectrum of arthropods including cockroaches and other crawling insects on board. Kilblat™ is particularly suitable for treating aircraft (holds, galleys), kitchens, bars, cupboards, and all exposed areas.

Directions for Use

See Technical Data Sheet for further instructions.


• AMS1450
• Boeing D6-7127
• Airbus CML 11ACB1

Ordering Info

AR0000317 400 ml 12 units