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Fuel and Engine Treatments // Marine

ULSMGO Lubricity Improver
ULSMGO Lubricity Improver
  • Provides greater longevity of engine components
  • Significant increase in lubricity at a low treat rate
  • Effective for all low sulfur and low lubricity marine fuels


ULSMGO Lubricity Improver is specifically formulated to improve the lubricity of Ultra Low Sulfur MGO and other middle distillates and hybrid fuels with poor lubricity.

ULSMGO Lubricity Improver is a highly effective way of improving the lubricity of the fuel, measurable through the HFRR test procedure.


See Technical Data Sheet for dosage instructions.

Physical Properties

Appearance Colour: Light brown coloured liquid
Density: 0.91+/0.02
Transparency: Clear

Ordering Info

8283/51 20L
8283/64 200L