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Fuel and Engine Treatments // Industrial & Power

Asphaltene Dispersant
Ashless Liquid Fuel Additive
  • Dissolves existing sludge & prevents formation of new sludge
  • Improves combustion efficiency & fuel economy
  • Strong biocidal action kills and prevents fungi & bacteria growth


Asphaltene Dispersant is an ashless liquid fuel additive for Heavy Fuel Oil. Asphaltene Dispersant is a multifunctional additive providing powerful sludge dispersant, fuel blend stabilization, anti-corrosive, lubricity, and biocidal properties.


See Technical Data Sheet for dosage instructions.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Dark Brown liquid
Density @ 20 ºC: 0.88 g/ml
Flash Point: >68°C

Ordering Info

8764/51 20L
8764/64 200L