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Graffiti Shadow Remover
Water-Based Alkaline Graffiti Remover
  • Safe to use on epoxy coatings and most metals
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Contains no phenolics, chlorinated solvents or heavy metal salts


Graffiti Shadow Remover is a strong alkaline liquid detergent compound. Graffiti Shadow Remover will remove the residue of most paints left in the pores of substrates as a follow up step to the use of a paint stripper especially when removing graffiti.

Directions for use

Exterior Building Services: Apply by brush or spray use neat or 1:1 water solution of Graffiti Shadow Remover, 3 x 10 minute intervals. After this period hose off with high pressure water. This saturation process helps soften the remaining pigments in the substrate. Best results are achieved with hot water.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear, light yellow liquid
Odour: Nil
Specific Gravity:        1.25
Flash Point:               Nil, Non-flammable
Foaming Properties: Low to Medium
Rinsability:       Good
pH of 1% Solution: 12.5

Ordering Info

2540/42   5 litres  
2540/51 20 litres