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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Cutting Fluids

Proclean MW
Multi-Purpose Process Cleaner
  • Versatile, can be used on a range of application equipment and on various metal substrates
  • Emulsified oil separates on standing, allowing for removal by skimming, increasing bath life and reducing maintenance and disposal costs
  • Free of inorganic salts, improving surface cleanliness and eliminating requirement for rinsing
  • Suitable for use in soft and hard waters


Callington Proclean MW is an aqueous, alkaline, multipurpose process cleaner. It is designed for the cleaning of industrial manufactured parts and components. It is free of inorganic salts, minimising surface residues after cleaning, eliminating the requirements for rinsing and improving parts cleanliness.


Callington Proclean MW is designed for the precision cleaning of most metals, including cast iron, mild steels, ferrous alloys, yellow metals, as well as sensitive aluminium alloys. It is non-staining to these materials and provides a bright finished surface. Callington Proclean MW can be applied using a wide range of modern cleaning equipment, including pressure spray, flood wash, dip, and ultrasonic types. Callington Proclean MW effectively removes soluble metalworking fluids, mineral oil and vegetable oil-based cutting oils and forming fluids, lubricating oils, rust preventives, metallic fines and general dirt.

Recommended dilutions

Tapping4%5%5% Gear Cutting6%6%8%
 Pressure SprayFlood WashDip/Ultrasonic
Concentration Range 2 - 5% 2 - 5% 2 - 5%
Temperature Range 545 - 80°C 45 - 80°C 45 - 75°C
Spray Pressure up to 3 bar/50 psi up to 12 bar/200 psi N/A

Ordering Info

7000/51/IND 20 litres
7000/64/IND 200 litres