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Fuel and Engine Treatments // Refineries & Terminals

Non-Metallic Octane Boost Technology
  • Increases octane from 91 RON to 95 RON add 1.8% of Rox 8200
  • Organic, non-metallic octane boost technology
  • Boosts engine performance
  • Reduces exhaust emissions (black smoke, CO, CO2, NOx; toxic emissions: butadiene, benzene, formaldehyde & acetaldehyde).
  • Stops engine detonation


Non-Metallic Octane Booster is specifically formulated to increase the octane rating of normal unleaded petrol using a novel Non- Metallic Octane Boost Technology.

Non-Metallic Octane Booster, when added to petrol, significantly increases the performance of your vehicle, and minimizes the risk of damage to the engine.


The recommended treat rate is 1.8% for a 4 unit increase in RON (91 – 95), and a 3 % for a 7 unit increase in RON (91-98).

Physical Properties

Colour: light brown coloured liquid
Density: 0.99+-0.02
Transparency: clear

Ordering Info

8282/51 20L
8260/64 200L