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Welding & Metal Treatment Products // Spatter Protection

Calguard Nozzle Dip
Prevents Spatter Adhering to Sensitive Components
  • Non-toxic, making it user friendly
  • Ready to use without any mixing
  • Controlled usage, allowing for no wastage
  • Silicone free – paintable
  • Ideal for steel, aluminium and alloys


CalGuard Nozzle Dip Gel is an advanced, non-toxic, nozzle dip gel for the prevention of spatter adhering to sensitive components of welding torches. Including the interior and exterior of MIG nozzles, the end and outer surfaces of contact tips and positional and fixtures.

Direction for use

1. Ensure the nozzle is clean and free from weld spatter before starting.
2. Replace the worn components before starting.
3. Start to weld briefly to heat the nozzle.
4. When the nozzle is hot dip it into the Cal-Guard gel.
5. Drain any excess gel off if necessary.
6. Continue to re-dip the nozzle into the gel to maintain an even coat, do this as required.
7. Avoid the build-up of Cal-Guard Nozzle Dip Gel in the diffuser by storing the torch in a downward direction when not in use.

Ordering info

1460/400 400-grams 12 units