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Fuel and Engine Treatments // Marine

Alkali Tank & Pipe Cleaner
IMO Approved Alkaline Cleaner
  • Safe to use on epoxy coatings and most metals
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Excellent for removing vegetable, animal, mineral oils and greases
  • Contains no phenolics, chlorinated solvents or heavy metal salts


Alkali Tank & Pipe Cleaner is a water based heavy-duty alkaline cleaner formulated for the tank & pipe cleaning industry to remove a wide range of contaminants, including vegetable, animal, mineral oils and grease residue in marine and land-based cargo tanks. Alkali Tank & Pipe Cleaner can be applied by either hot soak or hot high-pressure cleaning and is safe for use on ferrous metals, including stainless steel and epoxy tank coatings.


See Technical Data Sheet for application instructions.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear, light yellow liquid
Odour: Nil
Specific Gravity: 1.25
Flash Point: Nil, Non-flammable
Foaming Properties: Low to Medium
Rinsability: Good
pH of 1% Solution: 12.5

Ordering Info

2540/42 5L
2540/51 20L
2540/1000 1000L