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Non Destructive Testing // Magnetic Particles

DUBL-CHEK Red Oxide No. 8
Red Oxide Particles Premixed with Wetting Agent
  • Particles are easily agitated, fast acting and produce
  • Defined indications
  • Can be mixed with water
  • Particles meet specification requirement
  • Water based suspension is non-flammable


DUBL-CHEK Red Oxide No. 8 is red particles premixed with powdered Wetting Agent for use in water media. It can be used with either visible or ultraviolet light. Higher particle concentration provides heavier indication buildup for easy detection. It is designed to be used with visible light for finding discontinuities in finished products.

Physical Properties

Particle Colour: Red
Specific Gravity: 0.6 g/ml
Particle Size: 5 – 30 µm (average 10µm)
Temperature limit: 0°C to 49°C


Preparation: Red Oxide No. 8 should be used at a concentration of 11 grams/litre of water. For best results, add a small amount of water to the powder and form a slurry prior to addition to the bath.
Settlement Test: The settlement test, using a pear-shaped centrifuge tube, is essential to check the particle concentration and contamination to the suspension. This SHALL be performed on the initial batch, an adjustment made to the concentration, or at each shift change. The Settlement Test methods and particle concentrations can be found in relevant standards. The recommended volume is between 1.2 and 2.4 ml and will vary from one specification to another. The concentration may be adjusted by adding more water, or Red Oxide No. 8 as required.

1. Clean the test surface and allow it to dry.
2. Apply DUBL-CHEK CP-2 for background contrast, if required.
3. Magnetise the area to be inspected.
4. Ensure continuous agitation of the suspension.
5. Apply the suspension to the test part at a distance of approximately 150mm from the surface.
6. Allow the excess water to run off the inspection area.
7. Inspect the surface under visible light.
8. Collections of Red Oxide No. 8 particles will reveal discontinuities at the leakage fields.
9. Clean and repeat the process; changing the orientation of the magnetising direction.

Ordering Info

1551/2LBS 1kg
1551/12LBS 5.5kg (1.7 gallons)