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Metalworking Fluids // Surface Treatment Fluids - Cleaners and Rust Preventives

DWP 300
Dewatering Rust Preventive
  • Excellent water displacing capability providing a clean separation from water or alkaline solutions, allows for easy separation and longer bath life
  • Fast drying times
  • Highly penetrative forms an even, unbroken protective film, which is self-healing, providing protection even during handling of parts
  • High stability and resistance to acidic and alkaline contaminants
  • Easily cleanable using solvent cleaners or aqueous alkaline cleaners


Callington DWP 300 is a solvent-based, medium-term corrosion preventive, with outstanding dewatering properties.

The solvent, after evaporation, leaves a thin, oily film, which provides medium-term corrosion and stain protection to ferrous components.


Callington DWP 300 rapidly removes water, and aqueous-based treatment chemicals from ferrous components, after machining or forming with water-based metalworking fluids, after cleaning with aqueous alkaline cleaners, or following surface treatments such as water-based quenching, electroplating, or acid descaling and water rinsing.

Callington DWP 300 is applied by dip immersion, brushing, or spraying. Immersion of the component or part to be protected in a dip tank, is the preferred method of application, as this optimises the dewatering action of the fluid.

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7709/AU 200 litres