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Non Destructive Testing // Magnetic Particles

White Contrast Paint
  • A unique 360° spray valve
  • High contrast, fast drying and low odour
  • Multiple spray patterns for controlled application and comfort
  • Aerosols offer convenience and portability
  • More coverage for every application
  • Solvent removable


DUBL-CHEK CP-2 is a specially formulated, fast drying, low odour white paint that provides a high contrast background for interpreting magnetic particle results. CP-2 enhances the visibility of indications under visible light conditions when the background material has a similar colour to the particles. When dry, CP-2 is resistant to wet suspension fluids but is easily removed with DUBL-CHEK DR-64.

Specifications Compliance

• ASME Boiler
• PressureVessel Code Section V
• ASTM E709
• ASTM E3024
• AS 1171
• ISO 9934

Physical Properties

Colour: White
Odour: Low residual smell
Aerosol Coverage: Approx. 60 linear meters
Temperature limit: 4°C to 50°


1. Clean the test surface and allow it to dry.
2. The longer CP-2 is stirred or agitated the more uniform the spray.
3. Apply a thin coat of CP-2 contrast paint to the inspection area from approximately 150mm from the surface.
4. Wait approximately 20 seconds, depending on ambient temperature, for the paint to dry.
5. Magnetise the area to be inspected.
6. Ensure continuous agitation of the suspension fluid. If using an aerosol, shake vigorously before and during inspection.
7. Apply the suspension to the test part.
8. Allow the excess oil/water to run off the inspection area.
9. Inspect the surface under visible light.
10. Collections of particles will reveal discontinuities at the leakage fields.
11. Clean and repeat the process; changing the orientation of the magnetising direction

Ordering Info

1504/400 400ml (Aerosol)
1504/42 3.8 litres (1 gallon)
1504/51 18.9 litres (5 gallons)