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Woodstrip Thin
Dip Tank Suitable Wood Stripper
  • Solvent based, non-caustic, heavy bodied paint remover
  • Carefully formulated for the furniture industry


Woodstrip paint stripper is a solvent based, non-caustic, heavy bodied paint remover. It is carefully formulated for the furniture restoration industry to avoid discoloration and darkening to delicate timbers. It contains evaporation retarders and thickeners. Its primary use is for the professional renovation of antique and old furni¬ture pieces, doors, window frames, architraves, skirting boards, and all building joinery.

Directions for use

See Technical Data Sheet for specific information.

Physical Properties

Appearance:  Clear viscous liquid
Odour:  Ammoniated
 Specific Gravity:  1.18

Ordering Info

6005/51 20 litres  
6005/64 200 litres