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Aviation Products // Line Maintenance & Exterior Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly, Water Based Aircraft Paint Stripper
  • Non-flammable acid activated paint stripper
  • Designed for where phenolic types are not recommended
  • Free of chlorinated compounds such as Methylene


Callington CH9004 is a low odour, non-volatile, hydrogen-peroxide activated, environmentally friendly thixotropic paint stripper that effectively strips typical aircraft paint/primer systems like polyurethane,epoxies, epoxy primers etc.


• Boeing D6-17487 (excluding magnesium)

Physical Properties

Appearance: Red smooth paste
Specific Gravity gms/ml at 20⁰C: Approx 1.05
Flash Point (deg C) PMCC: Miscible in water
Solubility in Water: 60 ± 10 Ps (Spindle #6, 20 rpm)
pH: 4-6.5
Shelf Life: 8 months in temperatures of maximum 22⁰C

Ordering Info

6200/51 20L Each
6200/64 200L Each