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Welding & Metal Treatment Products // Surface Treatment

S-Weld SPS
Spray Pickling Solution
  • Conforms to ASTM a380-17
  • Quick acting formulation, one step treatment
  • Completely water rinsible
  • Colour indicator – indicates if SPS has been sprayed onto the surface or washed down
  • Leaves no residual film after rinsing
  • Provides excellent surface coverage compared to regular paste/gel pickling products


Callington S-Weld SPS is a unique spray pickling solution that provides excellent working properties for the pickling of stainless steel. The unique red dye indicator allows the operator to know exactly where the product has been sprayed on the stainless surface, or if it has been washed down completely.

Direction for use

Refer to Technical Data Sheet for detailed instructions

Ordering info

1108/45 10 litres Each