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Aircraft Inflight // Cabin Appearance

Fresh+Clean Air Freshener Spray
Approved air freshener that cleans, refreshes and deodorises
  • Single application air freshener, surface cleaner and deodoriser
  • Non-flammable and safe to use in aircraft
  • Available in a variety of fragrances
  • For EU and USA markets


Callington Fresh+Clean is a versatile aircraft surface cleaner and air freshener. It is designed for easy use by both cabin crew and line maintenance cleaning specialists.


• AMS 1550B
• Boeing D6-7127

Ordering Info

FragranceEU RegionUS Region
Lemon Citrus 4851/150/EU 4951/150/US
Citrus Herbal 4887C/150 4887C/150/US
Norwegian Spa 4887H/150 4956/150/US
Bakhur 4887A/150 4887A/150/US
Bergamot & Neroli 4887B/150 4887B/150/US
Cotton Flower 4887D/150 4887D/150/US
Dreamline 4887E/150 4887E/150/US
Floral Ascent 4887F/150 4887F/150/US
Wild Ylang 4887I/150 4887I/150/US