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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Cutting Fluids

Proclean S30
High Performance Synthetic Metalworking Coolant
  • Versatile can be used in a range of application equipment and on various metal substrates
  • Provides a bright surface finish that is protected by a temporary corrosion preventive film on the metal surface
  • Free of inorganic salts, improving surface cleanliness and eliminating the requirement for rinsing
  • Low pH, free from phosphates, sulphates, nitrites, caustic salts, and biocides


Callington Proclean S30 is free of solvents, phosphates, sulphates, nitrites, and caustic additives, offering an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning industrial manufactured parts and components, providing substantial performance and cost benefits compared to conventional cleaners.

Offering a lower pH alternative to conventional caustic process cleaners, it can be used on a range of metals, providing excellent corrosion protection, and is non-staining to aluminium and yellow metals. The cleaning efficiency of Callington Proclean S30 is such that, often, it can be used without heating or at lower temperatures compared to conventional caustic cleaners, resulting in substantial energy and water savings. Callington Proclean S30 is so resistant to bacterial attack that it is formulated without biocides.


Callington Proclean S30 is designed for the precision cleaning of most metals, including cast iron, mild steels, ferrous alloys, yellow metals, as well as sensitive aluminium alloys. It is non staining to these materials and provides a bright finished surface. It can also be used on plastic surfaces.

Callington Proclean S30 can be applied using a wide range of modern cleaning equipment, including pressure spray, flood wash, dip and ultrasonic types.

Callington Proclean S30 effectively removes soluble metalworking fluids, mineral oil and vegetable oil based cutting oils and forming fluids, lubricating oils, rust preventives, metallic fines and general dirt.

Recommended dilutions

Tapping4%5%5% Gear Cutting6%6%8%
 Pressure SprayFlood WashDip/Ultrasonic
Concentration Range 2 - 5% 2 - 5% 2 - 5%
Temperature Range Ambient to 50°C 30 - 50°C 30 - 50°C
Spray Pressure up to 12 bar/200 psi up to 12 bar/200 psi N/A

Ordering Info

7170/51 20 litres
7170/64 200 litres