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Metalworking Fluids // Hand Applied Metalworking Fluids

Eco-Tap Liquid
  • Extends tool life and improves cutting
  • Stability and resistance to microbial growth, providing extremely long fluid life and reducing fluid and waste treatment costs
  • Excellent corrosion protection even in hard water conditions


Callington Eco-Tap is a hand applied water based synthetic metal cutting lubricant designed to improve difficult machining operations on metals such as Stainless-Steel alloys, Titanium, and Nickel alloys. Unique lubricity and surfactant technologies provide superior lubrication to conventional mineral oil based neat cutting oils and soluble oils, without the use of chlorinated or sulphurised additives.

Eco-Tap Liquid penetrates quickly, ensuring lubrication at the cutting edge in particularly where access is difficult to improve tool life and surface finish.

Areas of Application

  • Deep hole drilling
  • Tapping
  • Broaching
  • Reaming


Recommended dilutions

MaterialStainless SteelTitaniumNickel Alloys
Grinding 4% 4% 6%
Turning 5% 5% 6%
Deep Hole Drilling 5% 5% 8%
Gear Cutting 6% 6% 8%
Broaching 8% 8% 8%

Ordering Info

7400/500 500mL  Squeeze Bottle
7400/42 5 litre Jerry Can
7400/52 20 litre Jerry Can
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